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Friday, April 26, 2013

I feel so lucky that Megan is able to guest post for us today. I've loved and followed her blog for a long time now and she's always been one of the nicest. She has great style so it's no wonder we asked her to help us learn how to travel in style.
Hi! I am Meg and I am the blogger behind Across The Pond.

I was asked to share my tips on how to travel in style with limited space.
I actually don't think I am the most stylish traveler out there,
but I have picked up some tricks along the way for the rookie traveler wanting to be cute and practical.

Most of us expats will tell you the trick is to pack clothes that can easily be layered.
It is spring in Europe right now,
except up until a day or two ago,
you would have thought it was the dead of winter.
So just because life tells you it is spring in April,
does not mean that is the reality of the weather,
especially in places throughout Europe.
1. Always pack a coat (lightweight for spring/summer/fall and a heavy down coat for winter) 
my trick: wear the coat on the plane so you dont have to pack it and take up room. Plus it seconds for a blanket or pillow ;)

2. Thermal tights are gods greatest gift. They don't take up much space, and they are a great way to transition from day to night when the temperature drops. 
my trick: wear them under leggings during the colder months

3. One pair of heels, either black or nude. This is for the fancy dinner out where you want to leave the flats at home and feel sexy
my trick: bring a large purse and stowe a pair of flats in it for walking around before and after dinner. When traveling you are probably walking a lot and taking public transportation, so bring a back that can carry an extra pair of comfy shoes for when you decide to ditch the heels

4. A classic black dress, or in my case a jumpsuit.

5. A Blazer or leather jacket for when you dont need an actual coat but want something cute to keep the chill at bay or cover yourself with. Doesn't take up much room and an easy layering tool
my trick:  layering jackets

6. Comfy basic sweater: to cozy up in at night or during cold days

7. basic tees. white, gray, black

8. one statement piece: a colorful skirt, top etc

9.  Accessories to dress up a basic outfit: hat, sunglasses, jewelry.

10. And lastly, of course, comfy shoes to walk around all day in. I have found the shoe brand, Naturalizers, to be the best thing to happen to my feet, and to my back. They are not always the cutest, but they are basic and so comfortable.

And that is all I've got.
Again, these are tips for traveling throughout Europe :)

Happy Traveling!


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