Barcelona via La Vie... J'aime

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Barcelona, let me count the ways I love you.  I visited this city last fall during a 10-day European trip that included Florence, Rome, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, and finally Barcelona.  I had never been before and was smitten with the city immediately. We spent just 3 days there and crammed in all we could explore, shop, eat, drink!  Here are my top 10 must-dos in Barcelona.

Spend time on Gaudi roof decks: Casa Batlló and “La Pedrera
Ride the hop-on/hop-off bus to explore the city, and sit on the open top.
Experience La Font Magica (The Magic Fountain).
Visit the Picasso Museum.
Relax at Park Güell.
Take in the city from above at Mirablau café/club.
Enjoy an authentic Flamenco Show on La Rambla, while sipping sangria.
Check out the flea market in the Gothic Quarter, or Barri Gotic, right by the Cathedral. You are sure to find some gems!

Don’t forget to look down!

Washington County Fair

Thursday, May 16, 2013

 photo IMG_5010_zpsa772375d.jpg

Every August- Washington County in Southern Utah has their annual county fair! This is the event of the year in Southern Utah.
 photo IMG_5017_zpsd3e9fe65.jpg

There's plenty of fair food (my favorite being the funnel cakes), games, and rides.
 photo IMG_5032_zpsb2ec6209.jpg

There are rodeos, concerts, markets, and lots of fun!
 photo IMG_5054_zpsedb5de34.jpg

If you're in Southern Utah or heading that way- I suggest making a trip over to the fair. Start your day off with some hikes or antique shopping then end it at the fair once the sun has gone down.

Jelly Modern Doughnut

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I figured since I am from Canada, maybe just maybe I should write a post on some of the happy that comes from here! When you think happy one of them doughnut? Me too. So here is one of the must visit places in Canada for a delicious doughnut, or doughnut sandwich, yes I said DOUGHNUT SANDWICH. mmm.

They have amazing, unique and straight up scrumptious flavours such as.... red velvet, carrot cake, s'more, coconut cream, MAPLE BACON, etc,etc...drool.

Oh AND they were featured on the food network show YOU GOTTA EAT HERE.

Yes that is a roast beef sandwich made with doughnut dough...Don't doubt it...just embrace it. Oh and a s'more doughnut...I could eat 2..or 100 of these in one sitting. I wish.

Who is in the mood for a doughnut now? You! Great! See you there!...But really if you come to Canada lunch date at Modern Jelly Doughnut. Deal!

Temple Square

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

 photo IMG_3438b_zps9d676828.jpg

When visiting Downtown Salt Lake City- Temple Square is a must see. The history of Utah is rich at Temple Square, there's no better place to visit in Utah where you can learn about our history.
 photo IMG_3439b_zps861a3c6c.jpg

Temple square is home to the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple. You can't enter unless you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with a temple recommend, but there are visitor centers, tabernacles, the conference center, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building that you can visit.
 photo IMG_3437b_zpsb93384d9.jpg

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building is my favorite. It is stunning and includes 3 different restaurants. It was once a hotel and is now used as a visitor center, reception center and office building.
 photo IMG_3434b_zps9d00bca3.jpg

 photo IMG_3433b_zps0fe1d49a.jpg

While you can't enter the Temple without a recommend, you can view it from all angles on the outside. This is the most beautiful building in the world- to me.
 photo IMG_3427b_zpse5921bb5.jpg

The grounds of Temple Square are well tended to. In the spring you'll find the grounds covered in fresh blossoms.
 photo IMG_3424b_zpscd3b7e0b.jpg

At Christmas time it is covered in lights and a Nativity Scene.
 photo IMG_3423_zps1e2888a4.jpg

If you go to the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building you can view the temple from their west windows.
 photo IMG_3436b_zpsa09433ea.jpg

There are 4 restaurants in all at Temple Square, the prices vary making dining at the square possible for anyone. There's the Lion House- famous for their rolls and a great stop for that home cooking, the Navoo Cafe- fast service and great sandwiches, the Garden- a great inbetween restaurant; not too fancy but fancier than the other two, and last but not least The Roof- a fine dining restaurant with spectacular views of the temple.

Dubai via The Egg Out West

Friday, May 10, 2013

oh dubai, where do i even begin?!
i traveled to the united arab emirates two years ago to visit my best friend who was living there after college.
all i have to say is that dubai is an entirely different world than we live in.
you've all seen sex in the city 2, and its a lot like that!
lavish is an understatement and i'm not even kidding here.
i had no idea this kind of wealth was even possible.
the people of dubai know how to live and i'd go back in a heart beat!
here are some of my favorite sights and places from my trip, enjoy~

p.s. if you ever head there, make sure you do yourself a favor and fly united arab emirates! 
greatest airline ever.
{fleets and fleets and fleets of ferraris everywhere.  aka everyone drives an amazing car!}
{the spice souks.  the food was unbelievable and so healthy and delicious.}
{the gold souks. who knew there were so many diamonds in the world?} 
{diamond encrusted pacifier, anyone?}
{oh, just some wildlife in the desert}
{on top of the world's tallest building, the burj khalifa}
{looking down from the top of the world, just to put it in perspective!}
{the architecture was so fun!  this building "twists" in the dubai marina.}
{the burj khalifa at night, next to the world's largest mall.  it even has a ski slope in it!}
{and here's me getting stuck in the desert!}

Porters Place

Thursday, May 9, 2013

 photo IMG_3326b_zpsd72579cc.jpg

One of my family's favorite restaurants in Utah is Porters Place. Named and themed after Porter Rockwell- a gunman from the 1800's and official body guard of the 1st modern day prophet of the LDS Church- Joseph Smith.
 photo IMG_3331b_zps1a392aba.jpg

The restaurant is located on the old main street in Lehi Utah, a small town just 30 minutes south of downtown SLC, among other original buildings.
(as you can see- I was able to take Lauren there! She came to stay with me last week and this was first on our list)
 photo IMG_3333b_zps2912a0f3.jpg

Inside you'll find vintage wallpaper and lighting. The restaurant casts an atmosphere of an an old west saloon.
 photo IMG_3339b_zps8aa926be.jpg

When sitting up at the bar you rest on old tractor seats (one of my favorite parts).
 photo IMG_3340b_zps3319b0d6.jpg

The walls are covered in wood that actually came from my Dad's childhood barn and the rest is exposed original brick.
 photo IMG_3338b_zpsa9b349dd.jpg

At the front of the restaurant is a vintage style cash box that they still use as well as a 1900's piano where they sometimes have live ragtime music played. But when the piano isn't in use, you can count on that saloon music filling the restaurant through speakers.
 photo IMG_3344b_zpsa2774eee.jpg

 photo IMG_3348_zps46cee887.jpg

The food is American. Steak, potatos, rolls (my favorite part), and hamburgers are what you mostly find on the menu, but they also have a salad bar and some simpler options.
 photo IMG_3370_zpsc75b2386.jpg

Alcohol isn't served but they have their "signature drinks". We tried three of them- Silver Queen, Diamond Lil, and Gold Feber. Our favorite (across the table) was the Silver Queen, smooth vanilla, the Diamond Lil is similar to a pina colada- which we enjoyed, and the Gold Feber was a bit too... syrup-y for us.
 photo IMG_3360_zps6f9af8a3.jpg
 photo IMG_3355b_zps1bedd930.jpg

When trying to get that "Utah" experience- Porters Place is a great choice.

La Bonne Vie

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

La Bonne Vie means "The Good Life." Located in the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City Utah. It is a must visit if you find yourself in the area.
For someone who's ultimate dream would be to own a bakery of her own...well this really is the good life!
Below you will clearly see more reasons why....

Not only do they serve some seriously delicious macarons...they serve all kinds of pastries and gelato and covered strawberries. HERE is a link to everything they serve and all the different delectable flavours of the treats!

 Fun Fact: La Bonne Vie was named "Best Bakery" by Salt Lake magazine in the 2012 Dining Awards.

Oh did I mention that I got to visit the bakery while visiting ms Gentri! We had such a fun week together! Here she is enjoying some seriously tasty hazelnut gelato.

& Here I am enjoying my pistachio macaron which was so good it was hard not to order 10 more...or ....100.
When I like something I REALLY like something!

So if you find yourself in the Salt Lake area pop on over and order up some treats! They even have adorable and beautiful packaging for their treats, which makes it a great gift! That is if you can handle not eating it all on the way to deliver the treat! So probably order for you and your loved ones! And maybe one for me?!

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