Haleakala Crater

Monday, April 29, 2013

Haleakala Crater is located on the island of Maui. (Surprised? I didn't think so.)
The sunrise on top of this volcano is a MUST see. Even though you have to wake up and get going at the butt crack of dawn...it's totally worth every chilly, yawning moment. Seriously. Worth. It.

The very highest point of the crater measures in at 10, 023 feet tall. It's so insane to look out and see the clouds beneath you. And then you catch a teeny tiny glimpse of light and all the sudden the sun is coming up. It is amazing.

This sunrise will absolutely and instantly be at the top of the list of any sunrise you have ever seen. 
You'll want to be prepared so you can enjoy every minute of it so here's what you need to take with you:

wear- warm pants, warm shirt and light but warm jacket. It's chilly up there! It's mighty early and the sun is not out AND you are above the clouds. It's cold. Also wear comfy running or hiking shoes so you can be sure to make it up to the very top!

Bring some snacks and water with you so you can stay up there for a while and enjoy it!


DO NOT forget your camera! This is an obvious must but could be forgotten in your sleep drunken state of mind at 2:30 am. So maybe pack it up the night before.

So who is up for a trip to Maui just so you can see this sunrise? I thought so. See you there!

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