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Thursday, May 9, 2013

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One of my family's favorite restaurants in Utah is Porters Place. Named and themed after Porter Rockwell- a gunman from the 1800's and official body guard of the 1st modern day prophet of the LDS Church- Joseph Smith.
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The restaurant is located on the old main street in Lehi Utah, a small town just 30 minutes south of downtown SLC, among other original buildings.
(as you can see- I was able to take Lauren there! She came to stay with me last week and this was first on our list)
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Inside you'll find vintage wallpaper and lighting. The restaurant casts an atmosphere of an an old west saloon.
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When sitting up at the bar you rest on old tractor seats (one of my favorite parts).
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The walls are covered in wood that actually came from my Dad's childhood barn and the rest is exposed original brick.
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At the front of the restaurant is a vintage style cash box that they still use as well as a 1900's piano where they sometimes have live ragtime music played. But when the piano isn't in use, you can count on that saloon music filling the restaurant through speakers.
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The food is American. Steak, potatos, rolls (my favorite part), and hamburgers are what you mostly find on the menu, but they also have a salad bar and some simpler options.
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Alcohol isn't served but they have their "signature drinks". We tried three of them- Silver Queen, Diamond Lil, and Gold Feber. Our favorite (across the table) was the Silver Queen, smooth vanilla, the Diamond Lil is similar to a pina colada- which we enjoyed, and the Gold Feber was a bit too... syrup-y for us.
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When trying to get that "Utah" experience- Porters Place is a great choice.

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Ashley said...

That place looks awesome! I love those tractor seat bar stools too... how creative.

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