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Friday, May 10, 2013

oh dubai, where do i even begin?!
i traveled to the united arab emirates two years ago to visit my best friend who was living there after college.
all i have to say is that dubai is an entirely different world than we live in.
you've all seen sex in the city 2, and its a lot like that!
lavish is an understatement and i'm not even kidding here.
i had no idea this kind of wealth was even possible.
the people of dubai know how to live and i'd go back in a heart beat!
here are some of my favorite sights and places from my trip, enjoy~

p.s. if you ever head there, make sure you do yourself a favor and fly united arab emirates! 
greatest airline ever.
{fleets and fleets and fleets of ferraris everywhere.  aka everyone drives an amazing car!}
{the spice souks.  the food was unbelievable and so healthy and delicious.}
{the gold souks. who knew there were so many diamonds in the world?} 
{diamond encrusted pacifier, anyone?}
{oh, just some wildlife in the desert}
{on top of the world's tallest building, the burj khalifa}
{looking down from the top of the world, just to put it in perspective!}
{the architecture was so fun!  this building "twists" in the dubai marina.}
{the burj khalifa at night, next to the world's largest mall.  it even has a ski slope in it!}
{and here's me getting stuck in the desert!}

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Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

what an AMAZING experience!

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