Waialua Bakery

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ya ok, I know what you are thinking. "another Hawaii post?". But let's be real here..you aren't even mad. The answer to your other question is.. Yes I am trying to convince all of you to move to Hawaii.
So I figure I can win you all over with food. I know it would work for me.
This bakery is well..scrumptious. The sandwiches are as big as your face {as shown in the picture above}. They are fresh and amazing and well lets just say I will not eat all day so that I can finish the entire thing.

As you can see...the fam agrees! When we go to Maui we even say we would fly over to Oahu just for a sandwich!

Oh and then once you have eaten your weight in delicious goodness...you of course have to "force" down one of their homemade ice cream sandwiches. I mean you really just have no choice in the matter once you get a look at them.

So you are gonna meet me there right? I figured! Oahu -> Haleiwa -> Waialua Bakery -> Heaven on earth.

Bon appetite! 

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