Monday, April 22, 2013


Kelowna, BC.

A place to LIVE on the water. Literally the only thing you want to do when you are there is be.on.the.water. Hence why I only have pictures of the water. 

It is amazingly beautiful and full of character. Surrounded by boats, trees, sun, and ice cream, how in the world could you go wrong!

Other fun things to do in Kelowna - walk downtown and see the parks, shops, restaurants. 
                                                       - get some ice cream and walk by the pier.
                                                       - play tennis

Kelowna is such a laid back, chill, relaxed place. Perfect for a relaxing get away. 

If you ever have a hard time wondering where to go...and you love boating, tennis, walks in nature, and anything else outdoorsy in the could always go here! 

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