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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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When visiting Downtown Salt Lake City- Temple Square is a must see. The history of Utah is rich at Temple Square, there's no better place to visit in Utah where you can learn about our history.
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Temple square is home to the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple. You can't enter unless you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with a temple recommend, but there are visitor centers, tabernacles, the conference center, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building that you can visit.
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The Joseph Smith Memorial Building is my favorite. It is stunning and includes 3 different restaurants. It was once a hotel and is now used as a visitor center, reception center and office building.
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While you can't enter the Temple without a recommend, you can view it from all angles on the outside. This is the most beautiful building in the world- to me.
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The grounds of Temple Square are well tended to. In the spring you'll find the grounds covered in fresh blossoms.
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At Christmas time it is covered in lights and a Nativity Scene.
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If you go to the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building you can view the temple from their west windows.
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There are 4 restaurants in all at Temple Square, the prices vary making dining at the square possible for anyone. There's the Lion House- famous for their rolls and a great stop for that home cooking, the Navoo Cafe- fast service and great sandwiches, the Garden- a great inbetween restaurant; not too fancy but fancier than the other two, and last but not least The Roof- a fine dining restaurant with spectacular views of the temple.

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temple square is seriously gorgeous.


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